Welcome to World War Rising: Beginner Overview

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Welcome to World War Rising! War has come and battles will rage. Missiles fly and attack is imminent. Do you have what it takes to rule the Battleground? Let’s take a look at the features in WWR.


Everything is more fun with friends! Join an Alliance to benefit from Helps, Alliance Quests, Alliance Events, and camaraderie. If you wish to create your own Alliance, you must have Command Center 2.


Porting in WWR requires fuel. The first two tiles per day are free to port. After that, you must use Fuel. The amount of Fuel needed depends on how far you wish to travel. Fuel can be found in Events and Packs. After you teleport, there is a cooldown before you can port again, so keep this in mind!


Shielding your base also takes Fuel. The amount of Fuel needed increases the longer the length of the shield. Shields may be set in increments from 1 hour to 3 days.


There are many buildings in WWR. Each has a specific use, as well as providing additional boosts for your build. For those that allow multiple to be built, be sure to have your long game in mind. For example;

  • Barracks: Troop Attack
  • Power Plant: Troop Armor
  • MASH: Troop Health

For an in-depth look at Buildings and their benefits, click here.


Research is imperative to strengthening your base. There are five research trees;

  • Economics
  • Combat
  • Defense
  • Hero
  • Missile Strikes

Each Research segment requires different amounts of RSS (increasing as you progress), and has a timer for completion. You can speed them up, or wait it out. Be sure you have full helps from your Alliance if you decide to speed.


Riggs is your Hero in World War Rising. Level him up to accumulate more Skill Points. Skill points are available for both Combat and Economics, but resetting them isn’t free so make a decision early on as to how you wish to skill. Learn more about Riggs and Hero Skilling here.

Missile System

As opposed to sending a “regular” attack, you have the option to send a Missile. There are four different types of Missiles;

  • Supply Drone: Delivers RSS to Alliance Members
  • Syndicate Attack: Attacks Syndicates
  • Resource Destroyer: Attacks RSS Tiles
  • Troop Attack: Attacks other Players

Missiles require research and have some in-depth intricacies. To learn more about the Missile System, click here.


Manufacturing Gear

Manufacture Gear within the Armory. There are gear options for Helmets, Body Armor, Sidearms, Weapons and Accessories. The Gear gives boosts such as Troop Armor, Troop Attack, and Economy Reductions. Before manufacturing, you must collect Materials and combine them to procure higher level Gear. Materials are found by looting RSS and Syndicate tiles, attacking Syndicates, Events and Packs. To learn more about Manufacturing Gear, click here.


Emblems are installed within your Gear and give additional Boosts. Boosts available from Emblems are;

  • Infantry Attack
  • Artillery Attack
  • Vehicle Attack
  • Operative Attack
  • Troop Health
  • Troop Armor
  • Deployment Speed
  • Defenses Attack

Just like Materials, Emblems are combined to higher levels. A Level 5 Emblem gives significantly more Boosts than a Level 1.


There are three ways to attack in WWR: Solo, Rally and Missile. Only Bases Level 15 and above can be rallied. Note that Heroes currently cannot be captured in World War Rising.

For more on Battle Mechanics and Types of Troops and Traps look here, and here, too.

Control Point

The Control Point is in the center of the Control Point Radius. The Controller of the CP is the Ruler of the Region. The battle for the CP is fierce, so be sure to be prepared! For more on the CP, see Chrishero100’s YouTube video here:

Now that you have the basics, go forth and explore the wide world of WWR! Be sure to refer to all of our handy guides as you join the mighty battle raging outside your walls.

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