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At the end of the day, there are really just two kinds of commanders, the ones that manage what they have and the ones that do not.

It does not matter how much or how little you have to work with, it can be effectively managed as long as you remain focused and committed to improving the circumstances you find yourself in at any given point!

In this article, we’ll delve into some thoughts and strategies that if followed, will help you better manage your forces, be it in peace or war! Troops can be your single greatest asset or hindrance depending purely upon how well you manage them.

If you haven’t already, you should definitely scan over our Troops Overview guide where we reviewed each classes strengths and weaknesses in detail.

The Urge

At some point along the path to glory and fame, some succumb to it sooner than others, you’ll begin feeling extra adventurous. You will… get the Urge.

Craving to inhale the smoke of your cannons as they spew their fiery volleys of death, to hear the sound of your guns in perfect unison, laying waste to the world before them.

Yearning to feast your eyes upon a fleeing foe begging for mercy as you stand strong and tall alongside your comrades in arms. You will crush all who oppose you… you will destr…

Ok, ok, ok…

Yes, you’re going to kick some serious, serious derrière…

But you’re going to do it by getting off that high horse and taking hold of this thing called reality!

Your primary objective should always remain the same… To Be Victorious!

If that requires taking some early hits to the gut in order to better focus on the bigger picture then that is exactly what you need to do!

Control the urge to fly blindly into conflicts just for the vanity of it and you will truly be at the top of your game!


Your resources, the Wood that holds your slightly under maintained fencing up (we’ll need to address that later by the way o.0) the Energy and Food used to keep your forces well nourished and motivated under even the most trying times, the Stone and Metal used to build your weapons of utter destruction!

Without these vital commodities, you would be literally commanding nothing more than some rather desperate, shaggy woodland creatures! And that’s if you’re lucky!

To ensure this doesn’t happen, let’s take a moment to familiarize ourselves with the resource income we currently have.

One way you can do this is by tapping on your command center.

And then swiping down to reveal the info panels below.

resource management world war rising

Tapping any one of these panels will open up a more detailed window allowing you an excellent under the hood glimpse of your bases status at any given point in time.

Let’s look at a couple.

resource management wwr

If you look closely at the above window you will see that this base has an Overall Food Income of 15,076.

But if you’re paying even closer attention you will also notice that their Upkeep is -16,860 per hour.

So math masters… what does this mean? It means this base has an Hourly Food Deficit of 1,784!

Left unaddressed this base will be losing food at a rate of 42,816 units PER DAY! Considering the limit placed on how much of each resource is stored away from prying eyes, having a deficit truly is out of the question!

To view an in-depth report as to where all this food is going you can tap on the Combat Panel which will display the following window:

wwr command

Here you will be able to review what troops you currently garrison along with the type and quantity of resources they are consuming.

It’s very important to note here that your troops… your strong, athletic, vigorous troops… consume resources whether they are in battle OR not!

Whether they’re sleeping, marching, daydreaming or just staring at that crooked fencing…

Your troops will continually use up valuable resources! This is why it’s called upkeep.

It’s vital that you understand the important role that upkeep plays in your operations overall strategy!

Training an entire regiment of troops only to rise the next day to find them chewing on each other’s toes and delusionally wondering about the base attempting to eat your prize Great Dane is no laughing matter I can tell you that!

Another good way to know whether or not your bases resources are at risk is to look at the top bar of your command panel. If a resource is blinking in red, that means you have a current and potentially crippling deficit rearing its ugly head!

You can also tap on any resource building and be shown the current income/upkeep ratio for that specific resource:

Training For Victory

When preparing to train troops to pay attention to their requirements BEFORE you make the order. As a rule, level one troops require one unit to upkeep, level two’s require two units, ect.

You should never intentionally train more troops than you can afford to maintain. The only exception to this would be for sprint attacks or bringing in last minute reinforcements, here you know there will be collateral damage to the long-term effect will be negligible. You’re simply training as a last-second strategy and using up your known reserves to deal a deliberate and devastating blow to your foe!

I’ve created a table of the training requirements for all four of the level one troop classes which you can review below:

Class (lvl 1) Stone Wood Metal Food Energy
Infantry 5 0 5 70 35
Vehicles 5 35 0 70 5
Artillery 0 5 35 70 5
Operatives 18 2 2 34 0

As you can probably tell, each class has a very specific resource it uses more than the others. For Operatives, it’s Stone, for Infantry its Energy and so on.

Knowing your playstyle and how you plan to structure your resource growth will also decide the quantity and types of troops you will train.

And with roughly 6-10 plots to build power plants and 23 plots to build all others, you will need to choose carefully.

A personal balance for resource structures that I use is as follows:

  • Power Plants: 6
  • Farms: 8
  • Lumber Mills: 5
  • Quarries: 5
  • Mine Shafts: 5

An evenly spread system like the one above will give you freedom to really experiment with the play style that works for you while still providing you the necessary resources to grow and deploy abroad.

Pro Tip: As your base grows and upgrading it becomes more and more sporadic you can replace more underused resources with farms or class-specific buildings!

Damage Control

If you follow many of my articles you’ll discover I use the term cautiously optimistic a lot.

Why? Because It’s an excellent term to describe the state of mind in which a true commander should conduct him or herself, that is to be hopeful and yet realizing that in the world of operations things rarely, if ever go according to plan.

That despite your best efforts you will find yourself in difficult positions being forced to make even more difficult decisions.

This fact in and of itself is the very essence of warfare, it meshes together like the sand and sea, it will never change.

The ONLY factor that you as the commander have power over, is the way and length to which you prepare yourself and your forces for the battles that lay ahead!

Troops are both expensive and require a long amount of time to train, losing them is an extremely frustrating and demoralizing event, one in which will occur, but one in which you can also soften the blow of.

When troops become injured in battle they are immediately taken to the base Hospital where they are given an opportunity to heal from their wounds and live to fight another day!

But like everything else in life, hospitals have limits, there is a maximum number of units which can be held at any given time!

It is the ratio and balance of these limits I want to focus the end of this article on.

To start let’s review the current capacity of our medical buildings, to do this first tap on the Hospital (shown below).

The maximum number of troops that can be housed will be shown under “Hospital Capacity” after this number is surpassed any further troops who require medical attention will be left behind, and their fates will be as I’m sure you can surmise, bleak.

In order to keep your medical infrastructure in check, you will need to upgrade your Hospital and continue to build MASH sites which will gradually increase the number of troops you can care for at a time!

Pro Tip: After each battle make sure to add any wounded troops to the healing queue! This will clear out your hospital and allow more to take their place!

Choosing to march 10,000 freshly trained troops into an equally matched battle when you’re only capable of caring for 3,000 wounded is rarely if ever a good decision!


In the end what this all truly boils down to is this… think before you act. A simple concept in theory, but quite difficult to follow when you’re in the heat of the moment.

Think of every operation from above the fog of war and you, my friend will truly set yourself above the rest!

Keep an eye out for related articles, coming soon! Fight on, commander!

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