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We see them daily.  They are scattered across the map ready to battle your hero.  Syndicates provide a variety of goodies such as materials, emblems and even mini-bosses that assist our growth.  We hit them constantly to complete events and obtain those special items we need, but how many of us take the time to look at our accounts to maximize Syndicate kills?  In this article, we will explore not only the syndicates themselves, but different ways to utilize your best possible hero set up to maximize hero strength against syndicates, and conserve that ever so precious and hard to come by hero stamina.

Syndicate Types

There are several different types of Syndicates.  They can vary in level, the cost to attack and the items they drop. Syndicates can be killed by attacking directly once or with a max attack, or by hitting with a missile.  Be sure to check what you may have in stamina and availability before attacking.

  • P51 Mustang


  • Lodestar III



  • Cerberus A7V


  • Winter D-7 Fokker


  • Fahrpanzer


  • M1 Light Tank


  • The Demon


  • Mosquito

Each Syndicate Offers different items.  Be sure to pay attention to which ones you need, as some Syndicate’s cost more than others with the amount of stamina used.  Some events limit the level or type of Syndicates you can hit for points, so be sure to check what each event requires.







Having good Hero Research is one of the key elements to battle Syndicates. Begin building your hero skill stats by Completing the Hero Tree in the Research Facility. Here you can build Hero Critical Attack, Stamina Recovery Speed,  Hero Speed, and Attack, and unlock the ability to attack particular levels of Syndicates up to level 6.  There is also Hero Speed in the Deployment Tree, Fourth Emblem slot in Expedition to add hero type emblems, Hero Speed, Hero Attack Versus Raid Boss (Raid Boss only), and level 80 Hero Tree that has Hero Speed and Attack, Level 8 Syndicate attacking ability,  and increased Hero Stamina.  If you plan on targeting Syndicates with missiles, be sure to research Syndicate Attack Missiles in the Missile Strike Tree also. This will allow you to decrease missile time as well as increase the level of missiles you can strike with.

Which Hero?

Choosing which hero depends on a variety of factors, for example, how much speed do I need when attacking?  Do I have the stamina for a particular hero to be able to use? Typically, when circumstances are ideal and you have plenty of stamina for all of your heroes people tend to favor Ronen currently.

He is very fast and has stats to boost hero attacks in his hero tree against raid bosses so people typically have him set up for syndicate kills. Be sure to check the tree of the hero you will be using to maximize hero attack and critical attack as in Rigg’s tree for example.

I don’t ever equip hero stamina recovery skills,  (it does not make a significant enough difference for me) and I’d rather not waste hero skill points that could be put to much better use. Also, Talia can be set up in her hero tree to unlock the ability to attack level 7 Syndicates.

I recommend unlocking the level 7 ability in her mastery tree, however, if you plan on attacking that level often. Xira seems to get the short stick when it comes to attacking syndicates, but she can still be good when she needs to be leveled and you need to complete an event.

Remember to hit Attack Once until your streak buff is maxed before a maxed attack.  When leveling heroes to save stamina, I use the attack once button for each attack and then raise the hero one level when the stamina bar is depleted.  This will refill the stamina bar and you can begin the process again.

Gear Up

Right now WWR has three major Hero Sets (Syndicate Sets) of gear that you can use depending on your level and region availability.  Paratrooper Gear is the first option the majority of players have in a region.  Special Forces Gear followed, and then Recon Gear was introduced.

Paratrooper Gear

Special Forces

Gear Recon Gear

Once you have manufactured your gear, you need to affix your gear with emblems.


What emblems you utilize will be based on not only your needs but your emblem availability as well.  Some people that do not have enough emblems will also add Deployment Speed emblems.

*Please note once again that the Adversary Emblem will only assist attacking against a Raid Boss and not regular map Syndicates.


Once Gear is manufactured, emblems are affixed and you are ready to begin hunting, it will be time to apply temporary boosting methods.  These include Serums manufactured in the Serum Lab, and Hero Attack Boosts found in your inventory.

  • The Serum Lab   

In the Serum Lab, you will manufacture Serums in Vials that can give a significant increase in hero stats when you are out killing Syndicates.  Many new ingredients have been introduced that increase everything from hero speed to hero attack.  This can vastly improve your overall attack in the Syndicate killing process.  The process is explained in an article about the Serum Lab, but let’s briefly recap the process for hero improvement against Syndicates.

  •   Locate and Click on the Serum Lab in your City View
  •   Click on Manufacture Serums
  •   Chose a Vial to Make your Serum With
  •   Add ingredients appropriate for Hero Attack and Syndicate Killing (see below)


  •   Once All the Ingredients Have Been Added, Click on the Manufacture Button
  •   Back Out of the Manufacture Screen and Click on the ‘Use Serum’ Button’
  •   Locate the Appropriate Serum Vial from your Inventory List
  •   Click the ‘Use’ Button (Here you can quickly view Serum Stats to Ensure it is the correct one.)

Your Serum is now Active!


  • Banners

Banners can be found in The Monument in your City View screen.  Click on The Monument, then click on a Banner Place Holder. This will bring up your list of banners available.  Scroll through your list to find any banners appropriate for your task.  If you are attacking a Raid Boss and not just a normal map Syndicate, you will have a few more options to choose from.

  • General Boosts

Boosts are located in your inventory.  One way to access your boosts is by clicking on the right square located in your City View Right under the Gold Sale Icon. It will display an arrow pointing upward if no boosts are active, or display the boost to expire next.  Click on the square and scroll to Hero Attack boost.  Pick the desired boost listed and click ‘Use’.

Boosts are now active!

How To Locate Specific Level and Type

It is a good idea to have an idea of what type of Syndicate you will be hunting.  This can vary from how much stamina you have, what event you are trying to complete, or what items you may be trying to obtain (See Syndicate Types Section).  Once you know what type of Syndicate you will be battling, utilize the game’s search function located on the World Screen.

  • Locate the binoculars located on the top icon menu.
  • Click on the first option, Syndicate Targets.
  • Pick the level of Syndicate you wish to hunt.
  • Choose the type of Syndicate you will be attacking.
  • Click on the Search Button
  • From the list of Syndicates displayed, choose a location option and click on “Go To”.  If you do not like the options presented click on the expand search button at the bottom of the list to view more possibilities.



The Process

Now that you have the Perfect Hero Attack set up, let’s go through the steps of taking that bad boy down!

  • Review your intent.  Will you be competing in an event?  Does Level or Type Matter?  Decide on which Syndicate you will be hunting.
  • Locate your Target on the World Map as described in the previous section.
  • If you choose not to shield while attacking, per sure you can defend well.  Remember your hero is not home, so you will lose hero defensive stats in gear or the hero’s skill tree.
  • Port to your target if needed.
  • Click on the targeted Syndicate.
  • Begin by clicking on ‘Attack Once’ until Streak Buff is Maxed.
  • Once Streak buff is maxed you CAN Max Attack on larger targets, however, keep in mind a max hit will utilize ALL your stamina left in your stamina bar whether your target was almost dead or not.
  • When you run out of stamina on your stamina bar, you can click on the ‘plus’ to the right of the stamina bar to add more stamina to your hero.  OR you can level up your hero to replenish the stamina bar as well. This method is especially helpful to complete Raid Boss Events. Remember Heroes do NOT share stamina!
  • Verify the Syndicate Battle Report to be sure your objective is being met.

*Remember there are variations between Raid Boss and Syndicate setups despite mostly being similar.

In Conclusion

As with most things in WWR, there is not necessarily an absolute correct way to approach Syndicates.  Hopefully, this article gives you a better idea of what choices are best for your account.

I would like to extend a very special thank you to the following players for their assistance forming this article:

Miss Lovett                Outlaw912                Odin 247

Bonus Syndicate Video!

Chrishero100 did a Livestream of smashing some Syndicate Fortress’ so make sure to check it out and see some of the tips and tactics he offers in the video!

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