Boost Your Gear Stats With Set Bonuses!

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A new way to boost your stats has come to the battlefield. Set Bonuses offer stat increases unique to several gear sets.

What is a Set Bonus?

A Set Bonus is an additional bonus applicable to a full set of Gear. There is a Set Bonus for 5 piece and a higher Full Set Bonus for 7 pieces. Note that your gear pieces must be legendary at this point for the Set Bonus to apply.

Set Bonus Research

Before you can take advantage of the Set Bonus you must do the research. This research is under the “Set Bonus” tab in the Research Facility. The higher your research, the bigger bonus you receive. There are individual researches for each category of gear (Armor, Helm, Accessory, etc).

These researches require Set Bonus Research Dossiers and T2 RSS, and a minimum of Base Research Facility Level 20. Note that these researches have high T2 RSS requirements, so it will behoove you to not start this tree until you have the full sets that will benefit from it.

This tree also has research for allowing constant training of Rally and P51 Mustang Mercenary Troops.

Where Can I see my Set Bonus?

Going into the Armory, click on your inventory and then the green jacket/helmet in the upper right-hand corner. This will show you which sets you currently have (or are working on), that benefit from the Set Bonus. It will show green if you have the items needed for the Set Bonus. The items you still need will be grayed out. Note if you do not have ANY items yet from one of the sets that benefits from Set Bonus you won’t be able to see it in this screen.

Which Gear Sets Benefit from Set Bonus?

Currently, the following Gear Sets have Set Bonuses;

  • Cerberus
    • Base Set Maximum: 200% Defenses Health and 200% Defenses Attack
    • Full Set Maximum: 450% Troop Armor
  • Flamethrower
    • Base Set Maximum: 150% Armor Piercing and 10% Training Speed
    • Full Set Maximum: 100% Troop Attack
  • Paratrooper
    • Base Set Maximum: 20% Hero Deployment Speed and 20% Hero Attack
    • Full Set Maximum: +1,500 Maximum Hero Stamina
  • Special Forces
    • Base Set Maximum: +2,000 Hero Stamina, 30% Hero Attack vs a Raid Boss, 40% Hero Attack, 30% Hero Deployment Speed
    • Full Set Maximum: Additional; +500 Maximum Hero Stamina, 20% Hero Attack vs a Raid Boss, 10% Hero Attack, 10% Hero Deployment Speed
  • Winter Equipment
    • Full Set Bonus (with new accessories): 50% Construction Speed, 25% Construction Speed (T2), 10% Construction Speed (T3).
  • Desert Trooper Equipment
    • Full Set Bonus: 2,000% Troop Armor, 2,000% Base Defending Troop Armor, 2,500% Control Point Defending Troop Armor
  • Tank Commander’s Set
    • Base Set Bonus: 200% Base Defending Troop Attack
    • Full Set Bonus: 1,600% Control Point Defending Armor
  • Alpha Soldier Set
    • Base Set Bonus: 1,500% Aircraft Armor Piercing, 1,500% Transporter Armor Piercing
    • Full Set Bonus: 60% Anti-Squad Member Health Reduction, 10% Armor Shredding, 180% Anti-Squad Member Armor Piercing
  • Captain Clare Set
    • Full Set Bonus: 500% Captain Clare attack, 360 % Captain Clare Armor Bonus, 25% Captain Clare HP Regen Bonus, 25% Captain Clare HP Bonus

Note that the gear MUST be equipped to benefit from the Set Bonus.

Set Bonus Research can add a significant boost to your stats!

Do you have any questions or comments? Please let us know in the notes below.


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