Reading and Understanding a Scout Report

The scouting report is the most important information you will need when attacking the enemy!

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The scout report is the beginning of a long chain of events to take on your foes. With this special piece of information, you will be able to understand your enemy at a very detailed level and in turn help you cause the most damage possible!

What is the Scouting Report?

The scouting report is the cornerstone of battle when it comes to World War Rising. With the scouting report, you will be able to dissect the enemy base and in turn also skill and boost to maximize your damage against them!

Unlocking the Scout

In order to unlock the scout report, you must first research it in the Combat Tree at the very top of the tree!

Note: You will not be able to view all of the details listed in the article until you have maxed out the scouting research which is at level 30.

Levels of the Scouting Research

Scout Report

Parts of the Scouting Report

The scouting report has a lot of vital information to help you take down your enemy. Below are all of the items that can be found in the scouting report:

  • Resources

    • As levels increase, it becomes more difficult to obtain resources. Utilizing this column in the scout report you may be able to find players with a large number of resources available to be able to farm!

  • Squad Member(s).

    • When looking at the Squad Members, take note of their stat rating. This number can tell you if the squad member has any health left and also approximately how highly skilled they are as the number gets higher.

  • Enemy Hero and level

    • This is important to note as if the hero is not present you will be able to cause more damage to your opponent versus someone with a hero present. Also, take note of hero gear if present and also hero type as certain heroes defend better then others.

  • Boosts

    •  This will tell you how the player is boosted and help you figure out the skilling of your hero and also your boosting when attacking. If you see a player with a large amount of Defending boosts you may want to boost for attacking as well to gain that extra advantage if possible.

  • Wall Defenses

    • Traps, if used strategically can cause a lot of damage to you when attacking the enemy. For example, if you see traps that are the same level as the enemies lowest tier, those traps won’t be as beneficial as a player with higher tier traps. Keep an eye out of the tiers of troops versus traps as it could be the difference between a burn or getting your hero taken.

  • Defending Troops

    • This is the bread and butter of the report itself. This is where you will be able to see how many troops the enemy player has and also their tiers, how many they may have, as well as if any mercenary troops are present. Also important to understand the weaknesses of all the troops that are present in the enemy base as well.
      • Infantry strong vs Artillery
      • Vehicles strong vs Infantry
      • Artillery strong vs Vehicle

scout report defending troops

  • Hospitalized Troops

    • For those of you that are looking for the kills, this is important for you. If you do not see any hospitalized troops present there’s a good chance that you may not get many kills depending on the number of beds they may have.

  • Reinforcing Troops/Players

    • You’ll find other players from the enemy alliance that has reinforced your target will be listed here. It’s important to check this as larger tier players may place high tier troops here to trap your hero when attacking. This is known as an embassy trap so be careful!
  • War Rallied Troops

    • If they have initiated a rally against another player you will be able to see what troops they have in the rally as well as anyone that has reinforced them for the rally. Also important if you are the recipient of the rally as you’ll be able to tell what’s coming towards you!

war rallied troops

  • Base Infrastructure

    • Aside from the defending troop’s tab, this is going to be the most important item to look at when scouting your opponent. This will tell you the amounts and levels of all of the buildings within the enemies Command Center. Here you will be able to calculate certain percentages just based off of the buildings present.
      • For example, if a base has a large amount of Barracks, you’ll know that they have increased attack and may want to reskill your hero according to the buildings present.

scout report infrastructure

With being able to understand the many aspects of the scouting report, you should be able to scout your enemy with confidence and capture their leader in no time!

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