May Player Spotlight: The Legion Of Anti (Anti050)

An interview with the most dominant player in Mobile Strike that now conquers the realms of WWR.

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For the month of May, Chrishero100 and I sat down with (Anti) Anti050. He is well known across the World War Rising community as a powerful player, and today we go in-depth about his base and feelings about the game, both in a YouTube discussion with Chris and an interview below!

WWR Command: Tell us about yourself and where you came from game wise

(Anti) Anti050: “I am a very serious player that likes war, with having a good time in the process. I came from Mobile Strike, where I started from the beginning of the game as a small player. I had to learn the game from no knowledge, playing after learning the game well. With a fantastic team, I was able to win the most 6 Global Control Points in Mobile Strike Cyber, and 6 Global Control Points Mobile Strike Mech. It is the world record in history, now I have 5 bases in WWR and all level 50.”

WWR Command: Tell us about your accounts a bit.

(Anti) Anti050: “Anti050 was built for Control Point’s – having maxed Heroes, max research, max base buildings all of them, max emblem, and max banners. Also has 11 titles given by the game for all my Individual accomplishments. (Precision Power)”

WWR Command: Why did you start playing WWR?

(Anti) Anti050: “War is all I know when it comes WWR. “ I love the graphics and the gameplay of burning bases, and taking Control Points with my team.”

WWR Command: How much time do you spend on the game?

(Anti) Anti050: “I spend about 18 hours on the game. I am a very busy person but I dedicate time  to help the alliance to grow, and teach players how to play better offensively and defensively.”

WWR Command: What’s your favorite thing about the game?

(Anti) Anti050: “Meeting new players from all around the world and enjoying battling with the WWR community.”

WWR Command: What is something you like to see change?

(Anti) Anti050: “I would like to see all regions open so we are able to travel and experience other regions.  This way we are able to have a bigger growth in games aspect, to grow bigger teams, and meet players that really care about playing the game and getting their money’s worth.”

WWR Command: Do you have a favorite battle?

(Anti) Anti050: “When enemies attack the Control Point, and we kill the entire rally and capture the Hero.”

WWR Command:  What tips would you give to new players?

(Anti) Anti050: “Shield until you learn the game, and work on defense first. You can be the best trap, and you can be the best rally leader. Learning how to beat the rally leader first is how you can be the best rally leader.”

WWR Command: What tips would you give to offensive players?

(Anti) Anti050: “Always come correct. If you want to win the battle, make sure your CC is looked over, and all details are precise for what you are doing at that given time.”

WWR Command: What is your favorite hero and why?

(Anti) Anti050:  “Ronen Hero – because it’s the best defense and best for Control Point, two of the  most important things about the game.”

Thank you Anti050 for sitting down to speak with us, and giving us an opportunity to get a closer look inside your Bases! Do you have a player you would like to nominate for Player of the Month? Let us know in the comments below!

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