October Player Profile: ChrissyHero101

Sit down for a coffee with ChrissyHero101

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This month we sit down with a ChrissyHero101 to discuss defense and trapping. So pull up and chair and sip on some spooky juice!

WWR Command: What is your background in gaming?

ChrissyHero101: “I grew up on Sega Genesis and Nintendo… Duck Hunt and Mortal Kombat were my jam! With mobile gaming, I’ve mostly played puzzle games and anything that involved strategy, but nothing as exciting as WWR!”

WWR Command: What started you wanting to trap?

ChrissyHero101: “I always joke that “I didn’t choose the trap life, trap life chose me.” And really, I started focusing on defense out of necessity. I am pretty stubborn and really can’t stand shielding from an attack. Several months ago, after a region merge, some big bases were hitting me regularly (ahem…Mayhem). I knew I wanted to keep my cc level relatively small, so I focused on things necessary to be able to take a hit. During RvR, I’d get fan mail from bases twice my size, wondering what had happened and why they couldn’t burn me. I finally accepted the fact my base was considered a trap, and i haven’t looked back. I love testing the limits of my base can take, and the fact that the game is always evolving helps keep me on my toes!”

WWR Command: What brought you to World War Rising?

ChrissyHero101: “Pure happenstance. I was actually playing another one game and had an offer for a reward there if I downloaded this mobile war game and built up to cc10. I sped through building, never intending to stay, and then someone zeroed my base. My stubborn streak kicked in and I decided to not let that happen again. I joined an alliance, met some great people, and those relationships are what have kept me playing. ”

WWR Command: How much time do you spend in the game?

ChrissyHero101: “More than I care to admit! And no…I will not show you my screen time report because it’s embarrassing. Generally speaking, I check in a few times a day to complete events and read AC. However, during events, I get in my zone and stay pretty dialed in. ”

WWR Command: What’s your favorite thing about the game?

ChrissyHero101: “I really enjoy the strategy component, but strategy would be nothing without a great team. I’ve been fortunate to play with some of the best, and each alliance I’ve been part of has taught me something new. So the strategy component keeps me interested, but the camaraderie keeps me active.”

WWR Command: What is something you would like to see changed?

ChrissyHero101: “Sometimes the changes come too fast! I’d like a little breathing room to enjoy whatever new upgrade/troop/hero/building before the next thing rolls out.”

WWR Command: Show us your favorite battle report!

ChrissyHero101: “I don’t have a specific favorite, but in general my favorite reports are my losses. I study those reports to determine changes I can make, and sometimes little tweaks make all the difference! I also love any report where I attack a base bigger than me and win. Even though my base is a “trap”, I still like to see what I can hit! I swear I get giddy every time I win one because it’s not expected.”

WWR Command: Tips for current and future trappers


  1. “Test everything and test often. Trap bases have to be nimble to keep up with the rapid changes in the game, and just because something “should” work best for your base is doesn’t mean that it will. Find yourself a buddy who will sacrifice their troops for your worthy cause and Try different heroes, different squads, and different troop configurations to see what works for you!
  2. Read the blog. There is a goldmine of information, so each time something new comes out (building, mercenary troops, hero, etc.) read about it and learn how you can incorporate to improve defensive stats or counter an attack.
  3. Always have a goal in mind. I always have a rolling list of 2-3 things my base needs. I actively seek out events that provide prizes specific to my needs, so I can achieve my goals as quickly and effectively as possible.”

Thanks for sitting down with us ChrissyHero101! Do you have a player you’d like to nominate for our monthly Profile? Let us know in the comments below or shoot us a note on LINE and Discord!

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