Light Up the Region With Fire

Offense Mechanics Guide, Tips and Tricks

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It’s all out war in World War Rising, and nothing is more satisfying than a nice bright base on fire. Conversely, it’s incredibly frustrating to ride into battle and get nothing more for you attack than dead troops and a smoking base. So how to make sure your opponent goes up in flames?

General Battle Mechanics

First, let’s do a quick overview of the basics.


There are four tiers of troops in WWR: T1, T2, T3 and T4. Which troops you can train depend on your Research and Training Grounds level.  Within those tiers are troop types;

  • Infantry: Strong against Artillery and Operative
  • Vehicle: Strong against Infantry and Operative
  • Artillery: Strong against Vehicle and Operative
  • Operative: Strong against Wall Defenses

As you can see, each troop type is strong against another. Artillery > Vehicle > Infantry > Artillery. Be sure to remember this troop strength circle, as it is critical to both attacking and defending. Operative is strong against none of these. Its strength lies against Wall Defenses.

Analyzing Your Decision

All of these options are helpful when attacking (or deciding to attack) another player.

  • Profile: Take a look at what you’re up against! You will see their gear and hero level under the profile screen. Also, what is their VIP? This is actually very critical, as higher VIP levels have significant combat boosts.
  • Scout: Scouting is crucial. Knowing what troops/wall defenses another player has can be critical in deciding the troop composition to send in an attack.
  • Rally: Is this a larger or tougher target? Get your alliance members involved and send a rally!

The Heroes

Currently, there are two heroes available in WWR; Riggs and Xira. Both have their own benefits, and which one you want to use is dependent on your hero levels.


Riggs is a good bet if your Xira isn’t a high level. Skill him heavy on one type if you can’t skill multiple troop types. He also has skilling for higher deployment and rally amounts.


Xira has the added benefit of Armor Piercing and Armor Shredding. As with Riggs, specialize in one troop type in order to get the full benefit out of your other skill points. For example, max out the points in vehicle attack, and then use only vehicle troops when attacking your enemy. This allows you to put more points in other items such as Armor Shredding (if your Xira is high enough), Armor Piercing, Base Attacking Troop Health, etc. You can always reskill if needed!

Using Rally Troops

Recently a new type of mercenary troops was introduced. Rally Infantry, Vehicle and Artillery troops are meant to used in conjunction with Xira’s Rally skilling to decimate your enemy. They are meant to be used as “the tip of the spear”. In other words, you don’t need a full march of them. They should be combined with your regular troops in a rally.

Cerberus Vehicles

The Cerberus Vehicles give a boost to your march, increases in effectiveness as you level them up. Be sure to select and send your best one on attack.

  • Cobalt Cerberus; Max 200% Base Attacking Troop Attack
  • Crimson Cerberus; Max 350% Base Attacking Troop Attack and 5% Armor Shredding
  • Electric Cerberus; Max 700% Base Attacking Troop Attack and 10% Armor Shredding

Science Academy

Don’t neglect these boosts. Grind those events to get the materials needed to create them, as they are permanent!


Of course, make sure you have some decent gear on if you’re attacking a difficult opponent! Flame Thrower is your primary attack set currently, but some pieces of the Cerberus set can be helpful for protecting your attacking troops, especially if you don’t have a full set of Flame Thrower to utilize. For a look at the different gear sets and boosts, take a look here.

Now go forth and burn your enemies to the ground Commanders!

Do you have any attacking tips or tricks? Add them in the comments below!

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