June Player Spotlight: (Klll) Tripnfel

Sit down for coffee with one of the current Masters of the Alpha Control Point

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For the month of June, we sat down with one of the recent ACP winners, (Klll) Tripnfel. Trip is well known around the WWR Community, and we are happy to announce that he has joined the WWR Command Gamefluencer team!


WWR Command: Hey Trip, tell us a little about yourself

(Klll) Tripnfel: “I am a Marine who is now a civilian contractor in Afghanistan, I am 6 feet tall and love long walks on the beach. My two favorite hobbies are war games and underwater photography.”

WWR Command: Tell us about your account a bit.

(Klll) Tripnfel: “My account is primarily set up for ACP battling was near maxed before the 60 update came.”

WWR Command: Why did you start playing WWR?

(Klll) Tripnfel: “HanahB is a fellow gamer in Kill, we have been gaming together for about 3 years now from GoW, GoK, FF, and now WWR. She came over first and told me how great it was so I eventually followed.”

WWR Command: What’s your favorite thing about the game?

(Klll) Tripnfel: “My favorite thing about the game is probably that no matter what the experience, or budget there are always roles each player can master to become an asset to a team.”

WWR Command: What is something you’d like to see changed?

(Klll) Tripnfel: “Change… Honestly, I find WWR to be one of the better MZ releases since Game of War, but if I’d pick anything to change it would be the overpowered defense issue in the ACP at the moment.”

WWR Command: Do you have a favorite Battle Report?

(Klll) Tripnfel: “I have a favorite battle report from the prior ACP. But I don’t want to call out the attacker so we can just keep that a secret.”

WWR Command: What tips would you give to new players?

(Klll) Tripnfel: “New player tip of the day, before spending a ton of money, go to WWR Command and learn the basics about the game, that way you can pick your purchases smartly. Never give up!”

WWR Command: What tips would you give to Offensive players?

(Klll) Tripnfel: “Offensive player tip of the day, as a rally leader it’s not only your job to beat the opponent but it’s also your job to pay attention to the rally and make sure the target you pick is beneficial to attack and to also make sure that your team doesn’t mistakenly send the wrong troops that could be a very costly mistake.”

WWR Command: What is your favorite Hero and why?

(Klll) Tripnfel: “Talia is my favorite hero, I love ACP battles, I love rallying Command Centers, and I enjoy sneaking up for solo attacks, she’s a triple threat, and even though I hate when I mess up and hit a trap, Talia is an insanely strong trap hero as well.”

Thank you Trip! Congratulations on your ACP win! Do you have any questions or comments for Trip? Let us know in the comments below, or hit him up in our WWR Command LINE or Discord group!

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