Hero Comparison Guide!

Going over the strengths and weaknesses of all of the heroes within World War Rising!

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How to maximize all of your heroes in World War Rising!

With so many heroes and levels within the game, it can be difficult to figure out whether all of the heroes will be able to help you maximize all of the facets the game has to offer. I am hoping that in this article we will be able to help you understand each of the heroes as well as their strengths and weaknesses therein.

Heroes and Their Strengths!

Currently, in World War Rising there are four different heroes; Riggs, Xira, Ronen, and Talia. Each hero has a specialty that will help you gain the advantage in certain circumstances. What we’re going to do in this article is to break the game down into 6 different elements: Economic (non-combat), Defensive Boosts, CombatControl Point, Mercenary, and Squad Member boosts. After you finish this article I hope that you will be able to understand each of your heroes and what their strengths and weaknesses are in-game!

Economy (Non-combat) Comparison

Non-Combat boosts can be overlooked at times but can also make a significant difference in-game and can also give you the advantage you may need to succeed. What we will be comparing here for each hero will be Resource Production capabilities to Troop Training for normal troops and mercenaries, and even the hero attack boosts for normal syndicates and raid bosses. Below is a table with all of the non-combat boosts and where each hero lies within each stat.

Riggs Xira Ronen Talia
Hero Attack 60%
Hero Attack vs Raid Boss 0% 150%
Hero Speed 0% 40% 25%
Hero Critical Attack Chance 35%
Hero Stamina Recovery Speed 21%
Quarry Production 126%
Mine Shaft Production 126%
Farm Production 126%
Lumber Mill Production 126%
Construction Speeed 44%
Research Speed 62%
Troop Training Speed 110%
Troop Training Cost Efficiency 50%
Troop Training Capacity 100,000 1,000,000
Mercenary Troop Training Capacity 100,000 10,000
Mercenary Troop Capacity 100,000
Set Bonus Research Resource Cost Efficiency 40%
Battle Marks Research Resource Cost Efficiency 40%
Mercenary Research Resource Cost Efficiency 60%
Mercenary Research Dossier Cost Efficiency 60%

  • Xira  
    • She isn’t going to help you much regarding most of the tree minus her small hero speed boost.
  • Ronen 
    • He primarily has debuffs for Battlemarked Research as well as set bonus research.
  • Riggs 
    • He will help you with hero attack and production early on and then as you level him higher he will also be able to give you a troop training capacity bonus for both troops and mercenary troops as well. He also gives you a small upkeep efficiency for lower-tier troops.
  • Talia 
    • She seems to be the go-to hero for Mercenary Research reductions and troop training with the highest troop training capacity of all of the heroes.

Defensive Comparison

Now, for all of you trappers out there and even you control point warriors, defense is pivotal in World War Rising. These statistics will be the difference between an absolute zero or if you are capturing an enemy hero! In this comparison, we will be looking at Base Defending troop stats, Hospital Capacity, Trap Statistics, and a few other items to help provide you with the best defensive hero!

Riggs Xira Ronen Talia
Hospital Capacity 2,165,000 400,000
Hospital Capacity for Mercenary Troops 1,025,000 200,000
Base Defending Troop Attack 4000% 16000% 3000%
Base Defending Troop Health 2000% 4000% 1600%
Base Defending Troop Armor 6000% 11000% 4700%
Defense Attack 3000%
Defense Armor
Defense Health 3000%
Wall Defense Capacity 10000
Enemy Deployment Speed Reduction 600%
Reinforcement Capacity 350,000
Counter Intelligence 7000%

  • Xira  
    • With Xira being an offensive hero she does not quite shine in the defensive table.
  • Ronen 
    • Here is where Ronen shines the brightest. With his high hospital capacity for both normal troops and mercenary troops as well as his insanely high base defending stats, counterintelligence boost, speed reduction, and reinforcement capacity he will be your defensive dream hero!
  • Riggs 
    • In this tree, Riggs has a small amount of base defending stats to help you in a bind but given the other heroes, I would not suggest him as your primary defensive hero.
  • Talia 
    • Coming in second for the defensive tree would definitely have to be Talia. She provides you with an increased hospital capacity as well as base defending stats but when compared to Ronen she isn’t going to be your best option for defense but is still an option in a pinch!

Combat Comparison

Combat, the art of war, the passion to burn. Mobile War games revolve around this concept and your ability to conquer your enemies and be the strongest in the realm! In this chart, we will be going over many different skills from Base attacking statistics, all the way to deployment and rally capacity!

Riggs Xira Ronen Talia
Troop Attack 4000% 3000%
Troop Type Attack 546%
Troop Health 2344% 1600%
Troop Armor 6000% 4700%
Troop Type Armor 1287%
Armor Piercing 0% 3500% 5000%
Armor Shredding 0% 15%
Base Attacking Troop Attack 4000% 700% 0% 3700%
Base Attacking Troop Health 2000% 700% 0% 4300%
Base Attacking Troop Armor 6000% 2100% 0% 4700%
Base Rallying Troop Attack 4700%
Base Rallying Troop Health 4700%
Base Rallying Troop Armor
Rally Attack 0% 7700%
Rally Health 0% 1000%
Rally Armor 0% 15000%
Infantry Attack 344% 700% 1000%
Vehicle Attack 344% 700% 1000%
Artillery Attack 344% 700% 1000%
Operative Attack 344% 700% 1000%
Base Attacking Infantry Attack 4000% 0% 5000%
Base Attacking Vehicle Attack 4000% 0% 5000%
Base Attacking Artillery Attack 4000% 0% 5000%
Base Attacking Artillery Attack 4000% 0% 5000%
Deployment Capacity 19,000 0 1,500,000 30,000
Rally Capacity 65,000 100,000 4,000,000
Deployment Speed 100% 100%
Rally Deployment Speed 0% 351%

  • Xira  
    • The combat tree is going to be where Xira will shine the most! With her insanely high rally stats, her increased rally capacity, armor shredding ability, as well as the extra squad member, she could definitely be your go-to when it comes to rallying your enemies!
  • Ronen 
    • Now with Ronen being defensive based, he won’t necessarily shine in this section.
  • Riggs 
    • Surprisingly, as you increase your levels past 100 you begin to notice a large amount of base attacking stats, troop attack stats, and troop armor stats that you receive with Riggs! Compared to Talia, he seems to be the hardest hitter with the only stat lower being his base attacking troop health!  But as you continue down the tree you notice that Talia has a far higher armor-piercing stat that makes Riggs your second in command when it comes to the combat aspect! At least in regards to solo attacks.
  • Talia 
    • Talia and Riggs are definitely the toppers when it comes to the combat tree! As you see in the tree, Riggs has higher stats in majority of the combat areas but Talia blows Riggs out of the water with her individual troop type attack stats and her 30,000 deployment capacity. That on top of the 5,000 armor-piercing can be quite the devastating blow for opponents! Unfortunately, with her non-existent rally stats, she may be a better option when it comes to soloing your opponent.

Control Point Comparison

Conquering the control point is a right of passage. This is where warriors are defined, and rulers are made. Where the strongest of friendships and the fiercest of enemies are tested to see who truly the best in the realm is. In this tree, we will be going over all of the control point attacks as well as defending boosts to see who truly is the best hero to utilize when it comes to the Control Point.

Riggs Xira Ronen Talia
Control Point Attacking Troop Attack 4000% 7500%
Control Point Attacking Troop Health 4000% 7200%
Control Point Attacking Troop Armor 8000% 11000%
Control Point Attacking Rally Attack 5000% 4000%
Control Point Attacking Rally Health 5000%
Control Point Defending Troop Attack 6000% 7500%
Control Point Defending Troop Health 4000% 7200%
Control Point Defending Troop Armor 8000% 11000%

  • Xira  
    • Regarding the Control Point, Xira only has 2 stats that put her in contention with both being rally specific stats. Compared to Ronen and Talia who have multiple attacking type stats.
  • Ronen 
    • Ronen is in contention for the Control point skill set, however, the issue at hand is even though he does have stats for attacking and defending the control point his limited combat stats will leave him at a disadvantage regarding the battle itself.
  • Riggs 
    • For this tree, Riggs won’t be helpful as he has no Control point Skills.
  • Talia 
    • Talia will be your knight in shining armor when it comes to this skill tree. This alongside her combat stats will place her in your top spot regarding the control point battle mechanics!

Squad Member Statistics Comparison

The squad member is your right-hand partner when it comes to war with your opponent. Certain heroes have an area of expertise when it comes to helping you boost your squad members to the best of their abilities! In this table, we will look over all of the squad member buffs and debuffs that each hero has in store for your squad member.

Riggs Xira Ronen Talia
Squad Member Attack 0% 0% 0% 300%
Squad Member Health 0% 0% 0% 80%
Squad Member Armor 0% 0% 0% 300%
Lt Hannibal Attack 0% 0% 0% 100%
Lt Hannibal Health 0% 0% 0% 50%
Lt Hannibal Armor 0% 0% 0% 150%
Anti-Squad Attack Deflection 0% 0% 0% 50%
Anti-Squad Armor Piercing 0% 0% 0% 50%
Anti-Squad Health Reduction 0% 0% 0% 50%
Squad Members in Rally +1 +2 +1 +1

As you can see from above, Talia is your main hero when it comes to your Squad Member statistics; however, Xira will give you that extra squad member slot for your rallies!

Mercenary Boost Comparison

I feel that this troop type deserved a table in itself as these troops are the groundwork for a successful control point acquisition and also very necessary when taking over the ALPHA CONTROL POINT!!! Below we will look over all of the boosts and debuffs that the heroes have regarding all of the mercenary troops!

Riggs Xira Ronen Talia
Base Attacking Aircraft Attack 3000%
Aircraft Attack 800% 5000%
Aircraft Attack Deflection 2000%
Aircraft Health Reduction 1000%
Aircraft Armor Piercing 3000%
Base Attacking Transporter Attack 3000%
Transporter Attack 0% 5000%
Transporter Attack Deflection 2000%
Transporter Health Reduction 1000%
Transporter Armor Piercing 3000%
Rally Infantry Armor 3000%
Rally Vehicle Armor 3000%
Rally Artillery Armor 3000%
Rally Infantry Attack 3000%
Rally Vehicle Attack 3000%
Rally Artillery Attack 3000%
Rally Infantry Health 3000%
Rally Vehicle Health 3000%
Rally Artillery Health 3000%
Flak Vickers Attack 6000%
Flak Vickers Health 3000%
Flak Vickers Armor 6000%
Base Attacking Mechanic Attack 3000%

  • Xira  
    • In the Mercenary world, Xira seems to be the one in charge of Rally troops with all of her boosts directed towards attack, armor, and health for those types of troops only as well as a small increase in aircraft stats.
  • Ronen 
    • Ronen is the lord of the Flak Vickers! His skill tree for mercenary troops is focused on their attack, armor, and health stats for this tree.
  • Riggs 
    • Riggs doesn’t have any boosts towards mercenary troops.
  • Talia 
    • Talia seems to be the most all-around regarding the mercenary troops. She has skills towards deflecting their attacks, reducing their health, and also increasing attack for all transporter and aircraft mercenary troops!


Now that we have covered all of the different sections and skills regarding heroes here are my final points for the heroes.

  • Xira
    • With Xira, I feel that she is your go-to Rally queen. Even though she doesn’t have the highest stats in regards to combat, her rally stats, as well as boosts towards rally troops and even that 3rd squad member, feel as though she would be your best bet when your are rallying targets other than the Control point.
  • Riggs
    • Initially, I had low expectations of Riggs as he used to just be my go-to farming hero for research and construction. However, after doing this comparison I have noticed that he has turned into quite the war machine and is definitely beneficial when it comes to at least soloing your enemy with his high troop attack, base attacking stats, and troop armor. I wouldn’t suggest him for rallying or control point though as he doesn’t quite have the stats for that level of comparison.
  • Ronen
    • Ronen is going to be your defensive master. With his insanely high base defending stats as well as his hospital capacities, he is going to be a pain when it comes to burning and should help traps gain the advantage! I do not believe that he is good for Control Point due to his lack of combat stats.
  • Talia
    • Talia just seems to be the all-around hero with stats in primarily every department. I would definitely say that she will be your go-to hero regarding the Control Point with her high combat stats and top tier Control Point stats she will help you hit the hardest. That on top of the mercenary reductions and boosts she has will be very hard to kick out of the Control Point and should help you take it with more ease.

Now that we have gone over all of the heroes and their skill comparisons, I hope that you will be able to understand your heroes more and that it will help you take the battlefield with confidence and help you grow and progress into the ruler you can be!

What are some of your favorite heroes in WWR? Tell us some of your favorite uses for WWR heroes in the comments below. Or share us some of your strategies in our Line and Discord channels!

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