How to Build Up Your Base Through Grinding: Free to Play and Low Spend Tips

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World War Rising has ample opportunities to grind out your build, and slowly build up your base. The key is to devote the time and attention necessary to this, and grow smart! Today we will explore some of the options and tips to grind it out as a f2p or low spending Commander.

Beginning Your Build

The most important things to get rolling right off the bat is research to hit syndicates, and troops for gathering. The rss provided by the game at account creation enables you to easily unlock the training grounds and research facility. Research combat mastery vs Lv 1 syndicate in the hero tree first. You need this to hit syndicates, which is very important. Next train a march of tier 1 troops to gather. Siege has the best gathering capabilities.


First and foremost, follow those events! Especially as a lower level base, when the prizes are easily attainable. Don’t get impatient, if you hit an event easily conserve your rss/stamina/etc. and wait for the next event to start.


Syndicates are very important for grinding out multiple items;

  • Gear Materials
  • RSS
  • Hero XP
  • Loyalty

Cerberus syndicates drop materials for the Cerberus Gear set, while regular syndicates drop materials for other gears.


There are two types of gathering; RSS piles and destroyed syndicate piles. Gather these religiously, as they provide many items needed to grow organically!

Beginning Packs

The packs in World War Rising escalate on the following schedule (in US Dollars); $4.99, $19.99, $49.99, $74.99 and $99.99. Once you hit the $99.99 packs the price will remain constant. Next week we will discuss the best initial packs to purchase, but you can’t go wrong with the $4.99 gathering speed doubler! Grind those mats, gems and RSS quicker!

Tips from Chrishero100

World War Rising: Growing on a Budget!

Tips and Tricks

  • Join an alliance as soon as possible. Make sure it is active!
  • Wait for your helps before speeding (speeds are expensive!), or wait the timer out. At the lower levels, build and research the timers are short.
  • Set your base up early with the buildings you want to target (for those buildings that allow multiple builds). For example, if you want to focus on health build multiple MASHs. To see the different benefits offered by the buildings click here.
  • Don’t combine randomly! Take a look at what gear you want to manufacture and make strategic decisions. If you combine without looking you may end up with too few materials to make the gear piece you want.
  • The same goes for emblems. Four Level 2 is better than one Level 3. It is also expensive to remove these (requires an emblem saver), so hold off on embedding your gear until you have a decent amount/level of emblems.
  • When trying to complete a syndicate event, use your missiles if you run out of stamina. The event is often just to hit the syndicate, which can be accomplished without stamina with the missiles.
  • Collect your base missions, hero, missions and alliance mission regularly. The base missions do not add power, contrary to other MZ games, and they are very helpful for increasing your hero level.
  • Share RSS with your alliance members. This helps each other grow and there also are events for doing this on occasion.

It takes time and dedication, but grinding out a decent account is possible and fun in World War Rising! Focus on playing smart and maximizing your resources.

Do you have any other tips? Leave them in the comments below!

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  1. Azzaza says

    If you are only relying on gathering from tiles for resources, you will be zeroed. The game moves far too fast to be able to keep up by gathering.

    Even when small and free-low-cost, you can still attack. Don’t be afraid to make others your farms. If you want to survive, scouting for weak empires with lots of rss and stealing them is a must… either that, or have a few big spenders willing to feed you, but then you are reliant on others for your game.

    Save the gathering for syndicate materials and emblems. 🙂

    1. xAlyKat
      xAlyKat says

      Agreed, in fact the RSS that you gather is secondary in importance to the materials/emblems/etc you receive from the Tile in my humble opinion.

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