Fortify Your Gear with Equipment Set Leveling

Learn how to Set Level and what the benefits are

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Gear Leveling and Set Bonus (Video):


It’s no longer enough to just have the top-level Equipment pieces. Equipment Set Leveling has come to World War Rising and brings with it a new way to strengthen your gear.

What is Equipment Set Leveling?

Equipment Set Leveling adds additional stats to your existing gear/Equipment. What the stats/boosts are varied with each eligible Equipment Set. Each individual level of Set Leveling gives an additional boost (1-50).

Set Leveling is different than Set Bonus, don’t get those confused. Enter the Weapons Lab, and you will see three tabs. The Weapons Lab is also where you will see your Set Gear Bonuses and can Upgrade your Equipment if it’s less than Legendary. The last tab is what you want for our purposes today; “Equipment Set Leveling”.

Once you’ve entered the Equipment Set Leveling tab you’ll need two items for each Equipment Set; Equipment Set Leveling Tokens (specific to the Set), and Equipment Set XP (non-specific). You can correlate these to Hero Medals and Hero XP.  Simply click on the Equipment Set you want to level and start clicking away. The current maximum level is 50.

gear gear

You must have all Legendary Equipment to use Set Leveling, and the boosts are only active when you have that Equipment Set equipped. The level of the Equipment Set Leveling will show next to the Equipment Set as so;


What benefits does Equipment Set Leveling give me?

Not all sets benefit from Equipment Set Leveling. You can see the maximum benefits from inside the Weapons Lab, but for quick reference, they are below;

  • Mechanic’s Set Equipment
    • Troop Attack: 3,300%
  • Recon’s Set Equipment
    • Maximum Hero Stamina: 5,000
    • Hero Attack with Raid Boss: 200%
    • Hero Speed: 100%
    • Hero Attack: 100%
  • Expeditionary Trooper’s Set Equipment
    • Troop Attack: 3,300%
  • Alpha Soldier’s Set Equipment
    • Troop Attack: 3,300%
    • Base Attacking Aircraft Attack: 1,500%
    • Base Attacking Troop Attack: 3,000%
    • Base Attacking Transporter Attack: 1,500%
    • Armor Piercing: 3,000%
    • Lieutenant Hannibal Attack: 150%
  • Captain Clare’s Set Equipment
    • Captain Clare Armor Bonus: 360%
    • Mercenary Aircraft Health: 3,000%
    • Mercenary Aircraft Attack: 5,000%
    • Captain Clare Attack Bonus: 300%
    • Base Attacking Aircraft Attack: 5,000%
    • Mercenary Aircraft Armor: 5,000%
  • Lt. Hannibal’s Set Equipment
    • Control Point Defending Transporter Health: 500%
    • Lieutenant Hannibal Armor: 75%
    • Lieutenant Hannibal Health: 750%
    • Lieutenant Hannibal Attack: 250%
    • Mercenary Transporter Health: 750%
    • Mercenary Transporter Armor: 750%
    • Control Point Attacking Transporter Attack: 500%
  • General’s Set Equipment
    • Level 2 Troop Training Resource Cost Efficiency: 475%
    • Level 3 Troop Training Resource Cost Efficiency: 475%
    • Level 5 Troop Training Time Cost Efficiency: 200%
    • Level 4 Troop Training Time Cost Efficiency: 200%
    • Level 6 Troop Training Time Cost Efficiency: 200%
    • Level 1 Troop Training Resource Cost Efficiency: 475%
    • Level 4Troop Training Resource Cost Efficiency: 350%
    • Level 6 Troop Training Resource Cost Efficiency: 350%
    • Level 5Troop Training Resource Cost Efficiency: 350%
  • Rampart Equipment Set
    • 4,000% Anti-Squad Member Armor Piercing
    • 1,500% Anti-Squad Member Health Reduction
    • 8,000% Counter Intelligence
    • 5,000% Base Defending Troop Attack
    • 12,000% Base Defending Troop Armor
    • 4,000% Base Defending Troop Health

Equipment Set Leveling is one way to give a pop to your stats. Focus on the set that has boosts that are most relevant to your Base.

Do you have any questions or comments about Equipment Set Leveling? Let us know in the comments below!

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