Fire Up Your Build: A Guide to Which Packs to Buy in WWR

Base 1-14 Purchasing Guide

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One of the first questions many players ask when they start to play World War Rising is “what packs should I buy and how far will they get me?” There are many different packs to choose from, and different packs appear each hour. A quick tip: if you don’t see the pack you want, be patient and check in an hour.

Today we will focus on strategizing the first 14 base levels, both in packs and efficiency. So which packs should you choose to maximize your gameplay?

When you click on the pack store you will see several tabs. These tabs allow you to find more quickly a specific pack you are looking for, or browse the different categories.

The First Pack

The initial packs offered will be $4.99 (adjusted for country of residence), and there are several options. Keep in mind that after purchasing this pack, the price will go up. Each of the $4.99 packs has a nice offering of daily gold, plus RSS and speeds. You will see packs with the following main items;

  • Second Building Queue
  • Second Research Queue
  • Hero XP Doubler
  • Hero XP
  • 50% Upkeep Reduction
  • RSS Capacity Doubler
  • Lifetime Loyalty Doubler
  • Combat SIM
  • Hero Attack
  • Syndicate
  • Resource (T1) Gathering Speed Doubler

We suggest one of the four below packs be your first purchase. Loyalty Doubler, Lifetime Second Building Queue, Lifetime Second Research Queue or Resource (T1) Gathering Speed Doubler. Why? These are items that won’t increase in future packs. For example, the Hero XP pack will have increasing numbers of Hero XP as you purchase. Additionally, gathering is KEY at the early stages of the game. In addition to RSS, you get gold, emblems and materials.

The Second Pack

Now packs are $19.99. Some of the packs may look the same but will have more items than the $4.99 such as the Hero XP. You may wish to choose the 2nd Building Queue or 2nd Research Queue pack first, and then purchase the Gathering Doubler for the second pack. As mentioned above, gathering is very important at this stage in the game, and a second Building/Research Queue. In fact, you’re not really even gathering for RSS (although it’s certainly a benefit). Gathering gives emblems, materials for manufacturing gear, gold, hero XP, speed ups and more. Gather both RSS piles and syndicate piles.

After this pack, the purchase prices move to $49.99, $74.99 and finally $99.99 where they stay permanently.

Again, it would behoove you to purchase a pack that is useful for your build and won’t have increased main items later. The Gathering Doubler pack is a good choice here. Hero XP is tempting, but later packs will have more of it as the pack amounts increase.

Efficient use of pack materials

These first two packs will easily allow you to grow to Base Level 14 and Tier 2 troops. However, it won’t happen overnight. There are several things that you will need to do;

  • Gather: Yes, I’m beating this dead horse into the ground, but it’s critical!
  • Do all the quests.
  • Follow individual events: Do what you can to hit as many events as possible. The requirements are easier when you are smaller.
  • Work with your alliance to hit the Alliance Event daily: This event gives a lot of gifts, especially speed ups.
  • Wait for full helps before speeding: Wait for your helps to fill, or wait out the timer. It’s tempting to speed the research and builds, but a little patience makes your packs go a long way.
  • Always have things cooking: Log in frequently and make sure you have the following in progress at all times;
    • Building
    • Researching
    • Gathering
    • Training

Take advantage of what the game provides organically! To fully maximize your spend, don’t rush it. Spend the time you’re waiting chatting with your Alliance members and plotting your war strategy!

Which packs do you reccommend? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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  1. Ted says

    My base is about to be level 18 once the construction on my command center is finished. I prefer to only by Liftime packs. For my first pack I waited for second research queue and second build queue to appear in the same pack. For my second pack I think I waited for reduced cost of construction and research. The VIP benefits doubled my resource production so that worked out pretty well. Now I want to buy a third pack (and intend it to be my last) but not sure what to do. Research time reduction is appealing but at some point research will be over correct?. Is construction ever over? There is a reduction for that too I believe. Reduce troop training time for T2s or upkeep reduction are both appealing,but how soon will I be onto T3s? Rural plot shovel would be very useful I could always use more resource plots. And speaking of resources is it worth it to get the T2 resource doubler. There is a nice one that pops up on sometimes that has T2 resource gathering, production and capacity doublers. But I don’t know if that would be as useful as the doublers were for T 1 resources. Does the level 3 VIP bonus for resource gathering count towards T2s as well. Hero experience doublers or loyalty doubled? I just don’t know. Suggestions would be welcomed.

    1. xAlyKat
      xAlyKat says

      Ted join us on LINE or Discord to discuss all the different build and pack options!

  2. Keith Bevers says

    Would buy more packs but only $49 packs show.

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