Hero Down! You’ve been Captured! Everything you need to know about Prisons

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General, a new layer of gameplay has been added to World War Rising, Prisons, Banishment Sites and Monuments. That means that additionally, new consequences for poor attack or defensive decisions have also just entered the game. Your Hero can now be captured, held and eliminated.

“What does this all of that mean to me?”

In short General, without your Hero in your base, your troops lose all “Hero Boost” provided through your skill tree,  your gear and gear set bonuses. The only factors left to protect your base is Troop Attack, Troop Armor, Troop Health. In other words, not much. Your base is left vulnerable and leaderless.

“Nah, I have more than one Hero, you don’t know what you’re talking about!”

Unfortunately, General, when one hero is captured, other Heroes are then “Unavailable.”  You are only allowed to “Switch” Heroes when all Heroes are in your base. So, when your Hero is captured your base is left leaderless.


How does my Hero get captured?

There are several ways you can lose your hero, the following chart will break down those activities for you:

Hero Action Type Capture Result
Base Attack (Most Common) Offensive You have initiated a Solo or a Rally Attack against an opponent when your attack hits, the result is a “Total Loss of Troops” known as a Massive Defeat.  Your Hero is captured.
Base Attack Defensive You are being attacked by a Solo or a Rally, the attacker eliminates all of your Troops. Your Hero is captured.
Tile Attack Offensive Your Hero is out of your base gathering material on RSS or Syndicate Tiles. Your Tile is Attacked and all of your troops are eliminated. Your Hero is captured.
Control Point Attack Offensive You are Leading the Rally Attack or Solo Attack against your CP.  All Attacking Troops are eliminated, your Hero is captured.
Control Point Defense Defensive While holding your CP the incoming Rally and/or Solos eliminate all of your Troops. Your Hero is captured.


What Now?  I’m Hero-less!

Losing a Hero has many consequences.  Whoever has captured your Hero must also be able to defend themselves and Hold your Hero. At the end of the holding time period, Your Hero is eligible for Execution or Escape.

In the short term, you should probably shield.  It is really going to depend on your circumstances and what you need to protect inside your base.  If you are an Attacker and you lose your Hero, you should expect a Counter Attack. If you are a Defender and your base was Zeroed of all Troops, shielding will protect any RSS in your base that is not covered by your warehouse.

If you are in the forest surrounding your Control Point, expect a Counter Attack in order to burn and knock you out of the forest.  This will ensure your base isn’t used for any future Rally Fills or Reinforcement of the Control Point.

Consequences for Losing a Hero

  1. Total Loss of Hero Boost
  2. Total Loss of Hero Skills
  3. Total Loss of Gear Boosts
  4. Unable to Attack Syndicates
  5. Unable to Attack Bosses

How do I get my Hero back?

Depending on the situation, your first course of action is to write an email and ask for his release.  We would suggest a polite email laced with platitudes and respect.

You can call your Rally crew and try to free your Hero.

You can “Bubble Up” and wait it out.  At the end of the “Holding Period,” your Hero will be eligible for Escape or Elimination.  At this time, Hero Elimination can only occur at Command Center 35.

Should your Hero escape, a march trail will appear and your Hero will come running home.  You will be able to use march speeds at this time “Hurry” your Hero home.

Should your Hero be eliminated, you will be given the opportunity to purchase an in-game item to resuscitate your Hero and retain 100% of your Hero’s Skills and Experience.  Or you can “Recruit” another Hero at a cost in Hero Experience.

At the time of Elimination, your Hero’s Name will be Memorialized in your opponents Monument and in your Monument.  Your game statistics will begin tracking the number of times you have been captured and the number of Heroes you have eliminated.

With your Hero safely back in your base, you will want to re-outfit gear in order to ensure all of your Hero boosts are active.

Pro Tip:  Riggs Mastery and Deployment Research are key items to work on during base development.  You will enjoy deployment, rally and attack boosts that apply to all Heroes. It will also help maximize your attacks and limit your Hero Captures.


General, once you capture your first Hero you will be able to click on the Prison and view the Troop Attack Boost awarded for holding an opponent’s Hero.

Once you Execute your first Hero, you will be able to review the Bonuses provided inside your Banishment Site.

Building Your Prisons

Prisons require Prison Architectural Plans in order to Level the building below is current Chart listing plans needed per level:

Prison Level Plans Needed Command Center Detention Reduction
1 1,000 Level 25 +00:20
2 2,000 Level 25 +00:10
3 3,000 Level 25 +00:10
4 4,000 Level 25 +00:10
5 5,000 Level 26 +00:20
6 6,000 Level 27 +00:20

Building Your Banishment Site

Banishment Sites require Banishment Site Architectural Plans and Architectural Plans.  Please note Eliminating Heroes is a Command Center 35 feature. As we all grow our boost from Banishment will grow with the game.

Banishment Level Plans Needed Arch Plans Command Center Duration Increase
2 3,000 100 Level 35 +08:00:00

Building Your Monument

Monuments require Memorial Architectural Plans.  With each new level added to your Monument, your potential Detention Time in an opponents prison is reduced.  So, the Higher you level your Monument the less time your Hero will be away.

Monument Level Plans Needed Command Center Detention Time Reduction
1 100 Level 1 01:40
2 500 Level 1 02:30
3 2,000 Level 1 03:20
4 3,000 05:00
5 4,000 06:40
6 5,000 08:20
7 6,000** 11:40
8 8,500** 19:10
9 10,000 Level 29 25:00

** Will Update chart

This ends your briefing on Prisons Banishments Sites and Monuments.  These new game elements will help you hone in your attack and defensive skills.  Learn or Burn General!

Let us know how we are doing!  Report back often for more game intelligence!  I’ll see you out there.


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