Enter the Black Market…If You Dare

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Deep within your city walls lies the entrance to the Black Market. Journeying to its dangerous halls requires stealth and cunning (ok…it’s just a click). What wares lie within? How do you obtain the special currency to buy there? Let’s take a look.

What is the Black Market?

The Black Market is a building in your Base that offers items a la carte for purchase using tokens. It isn’t always open, as it coincides with a special event. The Market is generally open from 2-5 days at a time. Therefore it’s imperative that you grind it out when the doors are unlocked to take advantage of the items inside. This is important as it allows players to purchase only the items they may need, without the need to buy an entire pack.

How do I enter the Black Market?

As stated before, the Black Market isn’t always open. It opens for a set amount of time, coinciding with an Event. For example, currently, the Black Market is open for the Mardi Gras event and requires Mardi Gras tokens for the majority of the purchases. The Black Market is located to the southwest of your Command Center.

What can be purchased there?

Items available to be purchased vary each Black Market. There are two tiers of items available, gold and silver. The gold items are generally more rare, as gold tokens are harder to come by. Items range from Research necessities to Emblems to Vehicle Plans! Focus your spending first on what you really need. If you need Mustang Vehicle tags, buy there first. Below are some examples of what you can buy!

Where do I get the tokens?

Tokens are found in events, hitting syndicates and farming. Grind it out to pick what you need a la carte from the Black Market!

Can old tokens be used from prior events?

Old tokens can be used but not for the main items. For example, Valentine’s Day Tokens currently can be used either for Gold or Loyalty purchases.

The Black Market is a significant way to build up the power of your Base without breaking the bank.  Make sure you are taking advantage when it opens and grinding the events hard to build up the tokens necessary to accumulate the items you need. Perseverance pays off to those who put in the time!

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