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Troop Types, Tiers and Uses

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Troops play a core role in World War Rising. Troops gather for you, attack other players, and defend you upon attack.

Troop Tiers

There are four different tiers of Troops, Tier 1- Tier 4. Each type gets progressively stronger. However, you can’t train each type upon beginning the game. Training each type requires a certain level Research Facility and Training Grounds, and they must be researched first.

  • Tier 1: Immediately
  • Tier 2: Training Ground 10 and Research Facility 10
  • Tier 3: Training Ground 20 and Research Facility 20
  • Tier 4: Training Ground 30 and Research Facility 30

Regular Troop Types

Within each Tier are four types of troops. Infantry, Vehicle, Artillery and Operative. Each of these are strong against another type, and conversely weak against another.

  • Infantry: Strong against Artillery and Operative, weak against Vehicle
  • Vehicle: Strong against Infantry and Operative, weak against Artillery
  • Artillery: Strong against Vehicle and Operative, weak against Infantry
  • Operative: Strong against Wall Defenses, weak against all three above

Think of it like a circle, and reference the graphic below if needed!

Training Cost

Each troop/tier takes a certain amount to train each troop, increasing through the Tiers. Below is the cost of training 1 troop for each type and tier.

Tier 1

Troop T1 Stone T1 Metal T1 Wood T1 Food T1 Energy
T1 Infantry 5 5 0 70 35
T1 Vehicle 5 0 35 70 5
T1 Artillery 0 35 5 70 5
T1 Operative 45 5 5 85 0

Tier 2

Troop T1 Stone T1 Metal T1 Wood T1 Food T1 Energy
T2 Infantry 10 10 0 155 80
T2 Vehicle 10 0 80 155 10
T2 Artillery 0 80 10 155 10
T2 Operative 95 10 10 195 0

Tier 3

Troop T2 Stone T2 Metal T1 Wood T2 Food T2 Energy
T3 Infantry 2 2 0 33 17
T3 Vehicle 2 0 135 33 2
T3 Artillery 0 17 15 33 2
T3 Operative 21 2 15 42 0

Tier 4

Troop T3 Stone T3 Metal T2 Wood T2 Food T2 Energy
T4 Infantry 1 1 0 51 26
T4 Vehicle 1 0 26 51 3
T4 Artillery 0 13 3 51 3
T4 Operative 16 2 3 64 0

Mercenary Troops

Mercenary Troops can be trained in the Mercenary Portal, next to the Training Grounds. These troops are specialized and only available to train for a limited time. The Troops available to train are shown within the Portal. The Troops that are locked are unavailable to train at this time.

Commonly Asked Questions

Players just starting WWR often have similar questions;

  • Will my troops die without food?
    • Nope! A positive upkeep is hard to accomplish, and Troops don’t die in this game if your food is at zero. They may whine and complain, but they won’t starve! WWR Tips! Only open food as needed from your inventory. Otherwise it will most likely be a waste. Early on, only train as many troops as you need to gather. This may help you keep a positive upkeep for a short time, until you’re ready to fight.
  • Who can I attack with what Tier?
    • A good rule of thumb is that you can attack someone a Tier below you, or with a small amount of the same Tier (ie, you have T2 and are attacking someone with T1 troops). However, a scout is your friend! Whether you can burn someone is  highly dependent upon multiple factors, including;
      • Your Hero Level
      • Your Research
      • Your Gear
      • Your Emblems
      • The same as above on the Defender’s level
      • The amount of Troops the Defender has
  • Are Operatives any good in this game? 
    • Operatives is useful for gathering due to the higher troop load, and for defeating Wall Defenses.

Troops are integral to your game in World War Rising! Train them wisely, and conquer the Battlefield!

Do you have any tips or questions about Troops? Let us know below!


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