Buildings: Guide and Overview

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There are many buildings in World War Rising. Each has a specific function, as well as boosts that increase as the building level increases.

Command Center

The Command Center provides an overview of your base, as well as boosts per Command Center level:

  • Deployment Capacity
  • Base Troop Capacity
  • Additional Hero Mission Chances
  • Additional Alliance Helps


When troops are injured, this is where they go to recuperate. Upgrading this building gives boosts of:

  • Hospital Capacity
  • Troop Healing Speed Increase


Manufacture your gear, combine materials and emblems, and peruse your inventory in the Armory. Upgrading the Armory gives cost reduction of energy towards manufacturing.

War Room

Rallies and defenses are seen in this building. As you level it up, it increases your rally capacity.

Training Grounds

This is where you train your troops. Available troops will show as open, while troop types that still need to be researched and unlocked will show with a padlock symbol. Upgrading this building gives additional boosts;

  • Troop Training Capacity
  • Troop Training Speed Increase


The Embassy is where alliance member’s troops are housed when they are reinforcing you. Upgrading the Embassy increases your reinforcement capacity.

Research Facility

This is where you do your studying! Leveling up this building increases research speed.

Hero Quarters

The Hero Quarters gives your hero an XP bonus when hiring a new hero.

Radar Station

The Radar Station give alerts for incoming deployments. As you level this building up, you will get more information about what’s coming at you.

  • Level 1: Warns of incoming deployments on your Base, resource tiles, or CP.
  • Level 5: Tells the purpose of the deployment (Attack, RSS trade, etc).
  • Level 10: Tells the names of the player sending the deployment and their cords.

Trading Post

This building allows you to send RSS to other Alliance Members. As the building level increases, the capacity you can send increases and the trading tax decreases.


Train Wall defenses inside your Wall. Available trap types will be unlocked, while those that still need to be researched will show a padlock. Increases Wall level gives;

  • Additional Wall Defense Capacity
  • Base Defending Troop Attack

Mercenary Portal

This Portal contains your Merc Troops (and the ability to train them). These troops are different from normal troops, and each have specialized uses.

Mercenary Training Camp

The Merc Training Camp allows you to upgrade your Mercenary Troops to a higher level (if available) for that type. Troops available to upgrade will show inside the Training Camp.

Training Camp Level Merc Training Camp Arch Plans Needed
1 n/a
2 10,000
3 100,000

Black Market

Here you can trade your tokens earned through events and packs for items needed such as Weapons Lab Isotopes and Gear Crates. This is a good place to obtain items without purchasing an entire pack.

Vehicle Hangar

Your Cerberus Vehicles are parked here. These Vehicles join you in attacking other bases with added stats.

Science Academy

This building has boosts that you craft to increase your stats. There are many different types available, and materials must a earned through events, purchased from the Black Market, or purchased through packs.

Weapons Lab

You are able to upgrade your Equipment quality here. It requires 3 of each material as opposed to 4 when crafting straight. You must also have Weapons Lab Isotopes for this.

Squad Command

This building is the home for your Squad Commander. He can both defend and attack, with specialized skill sets that you choose.


Fly your Banners high in the Monument building. Up to four Banners can be used concurrently. For more about Banners look here.


The Prison is the dark dank home for those enemy combatants you capture in battle. It has a maximum level of 15, and each captured Hero adds Troop Attack and Health. The amount depends on the Hero Level of your prisoner.

Banishment Site

The Banishment Site provides boosts once you kill the Hero in your prison. It also has a maximum level of 15, and gives Troop Attack, Troops Health and Deployment Speed for a limited time after a Banishment.


Herein lies the bodies of the dead Heroes. A maximum Level 15 Memorial gives a 90 minute Detention Time Reduction and 100% Troop Armor Bonus.

Fuel Extractor

This building is located to the right of your Command Center. It produces fuel, and must be regularly collected as there is a cap (based on the level). The costs and benefits of the Fuel Extractor are listed below for each level.

Level Fuel Extractor Arch Plan Production Choice T1 Hourly Income T1 Capacity T2 Hourly Income T2 Capacity
1 n/a Tier 1 10 100 n/a n/a
2 1 Tier 1 11 110 n/a n/a
3 2 Tier 1 12 120 n/a n/a
4 3 Tier 1 13 130 n/a n/a
5 4 Tier 1 14 140 n/a n/a
6 8 Tier 1 15 150 n/a n/a
7 12 Tier 1 16 160 n/a n/a
8 16 Tier 1 17 170 n/a n/a
9 20 Tier 1 18 180 n/a n/a
10 24 Tier 1 20 200 n/a n/a
11 28 Tier 1 22 220 n/a n/a
12 32 Tier 1 24 240 n/a n/a
13 48 Tier 1 26 260 n/a n/a
14 64 Tier 1 28 280 n/a n/a
15 80 Tier 1 30 300 n/a n/a
16 100 Tier 1 32 320 n/a n/a
17 115 Tier 1 34 340 n/a n/a
18 131 Tier 1 36 360 n/a n/a
19 147 Tier 1 38 380 n/a n/a
20 165 T1/T2 40 400 1 10
21 190 T1/T2 42 420 2 20
22 220 T1/T2 44 440 3 30
23 250 T1/T2 46 460 4 40
24 280 T1/T2 48 480 5 50
25 310 T1/T2 50 500 6 60
26 390 T1/T2 52 520 7 70
27 470 T1/T2 54 540 8 80
28 550 T1/T2 56 560 9 90
29 630 T1/T2 58 580 10 100
30 710 T1/T2 60 600 11 110
31 870 T1/T2 60 600 12 120
32 1,030 T1/T2 60 600 13 130
33 1,220 T1/T2 60 600 14 140
34 1,410 T1/T2 60 600 15 150
35 1,570 T1/T2 60 600 16 160
36 1,800 T1/T2 60 600 17 170
37 2,150 T1/T2 60 600 18 180
38 2,650 T1/T2 60 600 19 190
39 3,300 T1/T2 60 600 20 200
40 4,000 T1/T2 60 600 21 210
41 pending

Power Plant

The Power Plant generates Energy. As your Power Plant level increases the production of energy increases. Multiple Power Plants can be built, and these also provide Troop Armor at Level 10. Tier 2 RSS is able to be produced at Level 19.


Barracks provide increased training capacity and Troop Attack starting at Level 10. Multiple Barracks can be built.


MASH buildings increase Hospital bed capacity and Troop Health starting at Level 10. Multiple MASHes can be built.


This building protects a portion of your RSS. As the building level increases so do the amount of RSS that can be protected.


Farms produce Food. Multiple Farms can be built. Tier 2 Food RSS production unlocks at Level 15.

Lumber Mill

Lumber Mills produce wood, and multiple Mills can be built. Tier 2 wood productions unlock at level 16.


This building produces stone, and multiple stones can be built. Tier 2 stone is unlocked for production at Level 17.

Mine Shaft

Mine Shafts produce metal, and multiple can be built. Tier 2 RSS unlocks at level 18.

Combat Sim

Practicing your combat in the Combat Sim results in rewards such as  RSS, Gold, Hero XP, RSS Boosts, Speed Ups, Gathering Doublers and more.

Missile Silo

The Missile Silo is where you launch missiles after the timer is ready. For more about the Missile Silo click here.

Intel Agencies

These take the place of your Rural buildings and give significant Combat boosts. To learn more about these in depth look here.

Each Building in World War Rising has its own individual purpose to help you conquer the battlefield. Be sure to level up and rule all!



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