Build a Solid Defense to Smite your Opponent

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One of the first questions players ask when joining World War Rising is “How should I set up my base to defend?” After all, you put a ton of work and time into creating your resources, you don’t want some opposing player to be able to swoop in and snag it all.

There are various strategies to create a great defense, but some core principles are key to follow.

Stat Mechanics

Let’s start out talking about the big three: Troop Attack, Troop Armor and Troop Health. All three of these are super important for defending your base.

  • Troop Attack: Many players overlook the importance of Attack. Why is it important? Without it, you won’t kill the attacker’s march. The goal is to kill off all (or many) of their troops. Without Attack, this won’t happen.
  • Troop Armor: Always important, this strengthens your troops upon attack. This is also what many players tend to focus on. You need a balance of all three types of boosts to get the job done.
  • Troop Health: Health is crucially important, especially at this stage of the game. Health is what helps keep your troops alive.


The interior buildings in your base are fairly intuitive. You have to build them. However, right outside the walls are several buildings of which you can build multiples. Each of these has an intrinsic benefit in addition to their main focus, which stacks the more you have.

  • MASH: In addition to housing injured troops, MASH gives a Troop Health boost.
  • Barracks: Barracks increase your training capacity, but also give an Attack boost.
  • Power Plant: Power Plants produce Energy, and give a Troop Armor boost.

So which of these to build, and how many? This, of course, depends on your build, but remember that armor is not the only thing you want to focus on for defense. In fact, health is very important. A solid build will have a collection of MASHs for Health and bed capacity. Again, Health keeps your troops alive, and since troops are expensive to build, a high bed capacity will help you take and rebound from a hit quickly.

Having a good amount of MASH buildings is recommended for two reasons;

  1. Health is one stat that is hard to come by if you look at Gear and Research, boost it here.
  2. Troops are expensive to build. A good bed capacity will help minimize troop losses, and at this point, it’s easier to heal than train when taking multiple hits.


There are two categories that are important to focus on for battle; Combat and Defense.


Don’t make the mistake of focusing all your resources on the defense tree. As we discussed above, Attack and Health play a big part in successfully defending your base. Focus on the following nodes in the combat tree:

  • Troop Attack
  • Troop Health
  • Infantry, Artillery, and Vehicle Attack
  • Infantry, Artillery and Artillery Armor
  • Tier 2 Troops

All of these can be researched at some level before Base 20 (and Tier 3 Troops).


Just as important is the Defense Tree. Here, focus on the following;

  • Base Defending Troop Attack
  • Base Defending Troop Armor
  • Base Defending Troop Health
  • Defenses Health
  • Defenses Attack
  • Troop Healing Speed
  • Hospital Capacity
  • Tier 2 Traps

Just as with Combat, you can research a good chunk of these before Base 20.


There are several gear sets that are useful for Defense in WWR. However, you’ll need to think outside the box. The Cerberus Set has many useful pieces for Defense, but you also need to keep in mind the big picture. If you have sufficient Armor, using the Flame Thrower weapon is a good choice to add Attack. Both of these sets can be difficult to craft, so another option is to use a couple of pieces from the Paratrooper Set, such as the Paratrooper Pack or Paratrooper Helmet for Armor while you collect materials for the Cerberus and Flame Thrower Set.

A solid setup would have the following (substitutes listed, although in the non-set cases not as strong):

  • Cerberus Mask (Substitute Paratrooper Helmet, Metal Shrapnel Helmet)
  • Cerberus Jacket (Substitute Paratrooper Pack, Standard Issue Shirt)
  • Cerberus Pistol (Substitute Flame Thrower Sidearm, Paratrooper Jump Knife, Trench Axe)
  • Flame Thrower (Substitute Cerberus Machine Gun, Thompson)
  • Cerberus Chopper (Substitute Flamethrower Weapon Strap, Flamethrower Fuel Tank)
  • Cerberus Chopper (Substitute Flamethrower Weapon Strap, Flamethrower Fuel Tank)
  • Cerberus Slasher (Substitute Flamethrower Weapon Strap, Flamethrower Fuel Tank)

Hero Skilling

Now we come to skilling your Hero. There are many packs available to increase your Hero level fairly quickly. Keep in mind, that Hero power makes up a good chunk of your overall power when deciding how high you initially want to take your Hero. A table of XP needed and power gain per level can be found here.

The left side of the skill tree contains the Hero skilling items for Combat. Infantry Attack, Artillery Attack, Vehicle Attack and Troop Health are found here. When skilling, you want to backfill. What this means is to fill the minimum amount of points in each of the attack nodes until you reach Troop Health (or further down if you have a high-level Hero). Once you reach Troop Health (or whatever you lowest goal skill is), allocate a good number of points to this skill. This is another way to boost your Heath.

However, don’t neglect the Attack skills either. They should be filled to increase your Attack as well. How much of each of these depends on your Hero Level. A good ratio to shoot for is 50% of your skill points on Health and the rest allocated between Infantry/Vehicle/Artillery Attack.

Trapping with Chrishero100


Now we come to your fighters. Troops give what’s called “Troop Depth.” Troop Depth helps kill the Attacker’s march. The more troops you have, the more you can kill. A good rule of thumb is to have troops a tier below or equal to the Attacker hitting you. For example, it’s difficult (but not impossible) to defend against T4 with T2. A T2 traps goal should be to be hit by a T3 account.

As you know there are four current Troop Tiers, Tier 1 through Tier 4. Tier 1 troops are nothing but gatherers. They don’t defend well at all, other players salivate when they see T1 troops on a scout. Only keep enough T1 troops to gather (or use T2 troops to gather ideally in case your T1 come home while you’re offline).

Let’s disregard Tier 1 troops, and start with Tier 2. Killing the Attacker’s march depends on different factors (including their Hero Level, Research, Skills, Gear etc), but a good rule of thumb is to have a substantial amount of troops. What’s substantial? It really depends on who hits you, and both party’s gear and research.  The disadvantage of a lot of troops is that there is no anti-scout in this game, so some players may pass you up the more troops you have. The better your Gear and Research, the fewer troops you can use (and the smaller you can stay to attract a hit if that’s your intention).

75 thousand T2 troops most likely will do well against a smaller T3 march (with a lower level Hero hitting), but to win against the big guys you need more.

When Tier 4 troops come knocking, it’s very difficult to defend with Tier 2. In this case, the ideal scenario is to have Tier 3 troops when taking a Tier 4 attack.

Choose what hits you take! WWR allows for a one hour shield if someone is marching on you that could potentially wipe you out. There’s no shame in shielding and protecting your investment. To learn more about Troops click here.


Yes, traps are useful here. As with above, try to avoid Tier 1 Traps. A solid T2 or T3 trap wall will help absorb the attacking march. To learn more about Traps look here.

Defending Against Xira

If you look at Xira’s Skill tree you will notice Armor Piercing and Armor Shredding. What does this mean for the Defender? It means a build based solely on Armor will be effected more than one with Heath and Attack as well. As discussed about, consider adding pieces with Troop Health to your arsenal, such as the Cerberus Chopper or even the Paratrooper Jump Knife.

There are several ways to build a solid Defense in WWR. Some rely more on Troop Defense or Troop Health. However, a well-rounded setup is a must. You can have the best Research and Gear, but without enough Troops you will not do well. Conversely, you can have a lot of troops, but without a strong backbone, you will just be fodder for Kill Events. Take your time and build wisely!

How are you building your defense? Let us know in the comments below!

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