Are You Missing out on Much Needed Hero XP for Xira?

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By now you have established your daily goals and routine in order to help you accomplish your assignment. Riley has done everything she can to show you what needs to be done in order to level your base. Build, Research, Train, Gather, Manufacture and repeat.

Heroes are vitally important to maximizing your success. Currently, WWR offers two heroes, Rigg and more recently Xira. You must use both in order to advance your base and destroy your enemies and get their resources.

As you have read, Xira brings a new level of attack to your troops. Under her leadership, your enemies will cower behind their shields and wait in fear until you move on to your next target. However, leveling Xira and unlocking her ever stronger attack, armor piercing and armor shredding is proving to be a challenge for the most seasoned generals in your region and beyond.

In this briefing, we will provide much-needed intelligence to ensure you are taking advantage of every element available to you in order to level Xira. In other words, are you missing out on valuable and FREE hero experience?

Establishing routines are important to future success. Leveling heroes and utilizing resources inside the game are vital. Every game element when used correctly will provide hero experience (XP).

You are already doing the tasks needed to succeed, now you will learn how to do them in the correct order.

From this day forward, remember this protip:
1. Start Missions with Riggs.
2. Collect Missions with Xira.

This routine is vital!  Especially with Riggs Level 100.  A properly skilled Riggs during base development will save you valuable time (Speed Ups). Using Riggs to begin builds and research cuts down build time, training time and research. But you must reset skills before you begin. Once Riggs is skilled for building and research, click on the building or research item to begin your timers. 

Alert your alliance and collect your “Helps” before you use those Speed Ups. Patience is key.

Once all Alliance Helps have been received (Alliance Tab> Alliance Helps) you may now use Speed Ups to complete the building or research. You will notice a green check has appeared under missions at the bottom of your game screen.

Before you collect these missions, change your hero to Xira. Once Xira is your active hero, click on Missions> Base Missions and Collect.

In each of these missions, valuable hero experience is awarded.  When done correctly, Xira can be leveled to 34 before using any experience packs. Ultimately “Order of Operations” will mean all the difference between a good general and a great general.

After completing and collecting hero experience from base missions, you can use the same training technique in order to collect more hero experience from:
-Hero Missions
-Alliance Missions
-VIP Missions

Taking a little extra time by switching to Xira and collecting missions can mean all the difference in your battle strategy. WWR offers two heroes to choose from, you need both to be successful and you need to use both in order to get the much-needed experience to grow Xira’s skills and burn your enemies.

Additional Xira experience may be earned through base attacks, after leveling Xira through missions remember to apply skill points earned in the Xira skill tree before you attack.

It’s that simple. With discipline, after unlocking Xira, you can level her to 34 before using the Xira Hero Experience that came with her unlock pack. Reference our Hero Experience Chart for more information and future requirements.

This briefing is meant to establish good routines that will ultimately save you time and money as you develop your base and strategy throughout your region.  It is your job now to go forth and train your alliance.

A good general, gets things done! A GREAT general, does it with skill and intelligence! Are you are ready to be GREAT? Report back often for more mission-critical tips and advice.  

Share your battle stories with Xira in the comments below, we look forward to hearing your Rally Calls General! Learn, Burn, Repeat!

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