How to Use Amazon Coins to Command Cheaper Packs

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Have you ever wondered how the biggest players in the game can manage to afford so many packs? One of our biggest secrets is that we never buy packs at full price — instead, we use Amazon Coins to purchase all our packs at a major discount. Instead of spending $100 on a pack, we only pay as low as $75 through Amazon Coins.

Ever since World War Rising was featured on Amazon’s Coinstoppable, we’ve received a lot of questions regarding Amazon Coins and how to use them to get cheaper packs for World War Rising.

The #1 question we’ve received is: How do I use Amazon Coins?

In this guide, I’ll explain how you can use Amazon Coins to maximize your World War Rising experience by getting your packs way cheaper.

Why Use Amazon Coins?

Amazon Coins are a form of digital currency that you can use in lieu of real currency to buy packs in World War Rising.

What’s great about Amazon Coins is that you can use them to purchase discounted packs. If you’re a new Amazon Coins user, or are a new Amazon member, instead of paying $100 USD for a pack, you can spend 10,000 Amazon Coins, which can be purchased for as low as $75 USD (depending on sales)! When there’s a big sale or event, the savings that you can get through Amazon quickly add up.

Quick Steps to Buying Gold Packs with Amazon Coins

  1. Download the Amazon Underground App Store.
  2. Download World War Rising from within the Amazon Underground App Store. The WWR app from the Google Play Store will not allow you to use Amazon Coins. Yes, this means you will now have two Game of War apps on your phone.
  3. Now you are ready to Buy Amazon Coins FROM YOUR DESKTOP. Buying them after clicking links on this page supports our site. Reward us for saving you lots of money!
  4. NOTE: You can only buy Amazon coins from your desktop. For some reason you can’t buy them using your mobile phone (at least for iPhone users that is.)
  5. Go through the World War Rising tutorial in the Amazon WWR app. Login to your World War Rising account.
  6. Go to the in app purchases and click BUY. You will then have to login to your amazon account, and you will see the option to use the coins you just purchased.

For everyone new to Amazon Coins, Chrishero100 has prepared an amazing video with instructions!

How to Use Nox

That’s all folks! Pack up and crush your enemies!

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